Mathias Darr

Software Developer,
Eigenvector Research, Inc.



Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics (Minor: Chemistry), Western Washington University, 2008-2014


Feb 2016 - present, Software Developer, Eigenvector Research Inc., Manson, WA; Chemometric software design and development.

Jan 2015, QA experience testing websites user interfaces and assuring quality of content in French and English. Executed test plans and documented results.

July- September 2013, University of Washington Radiology Image Research Lab, Seattle WA, Designed a graphical user interface in Matlab that would access a database of mammogram DICOM files and populate fields related to features of individual mammograms. Preprocessed mammograms to suppress artifacts and enhance regions of interest. Wrote a breast segmentation algorithm and an algorithm to estimate breast density using the Matlab image processing toolbox. Wrote Matlab and Python scripts to view MRI data, and attempt to denoise the data