EigenNews - The Newsletter of Eigenvector Research Vol. 4, No. 1

January 9, 2002

The ninth issue of an approximately quarterly note about 
the happenings at Eigenvector Research, Inc., along with news 
of interest to the chemometrics, analytical chemistry, 
spectroscopy and process modeling/monitoring communities. 
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1) Upcoming Short Courses
      Chemometrics Without Equations, San Diego, Jan. 21-22
      Intermediate and Advanced Chemometrics with PLS_Toolbox
         Chelan, WA, June 10-13, 2002 

2) New Eigenvector Associate Don Dahlberg

3) PLS_Toolbox News
      Buy PLS_Toolbox 2.1 and get Free Upgrade to 3.0

4) DataSet Standard Data Object version 3.01
      Download files to improve ease of data set handling

5) SpectraExpress for Translating Spectral Data Files

6) MATLAB for MacOS X Petition

7) Meeting and Workshop Calendar
      IFPAC 2002, Jan. 22-25, San Diego, USA
      DRUSHBAMETRICS 1, Feb 11-15, Kostroma, Russia
      PittCon 2002, March 17-22, New Orleans, USA
      MASM 2002, April 10-12, Tempe, Arizona, USA
      European AEC/APC, April 10-12, Dresden, Germany
      2002 ACC, May 8-10, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
      2002 Spring Research Conf., May 20-22, Ann Arbor, USA
      ICRM, May 26-30, 2002, Veldhoven, The Netherlands
      ESCAPE-12, May 26-29, 2002, The Hague, The Netherlands
      DAMLUST, June 9-12, 2002, near Helsinki, Finland
      Adv. Con. of Ind. Proc., June 10-11, Kumamoto, Japan
      Shedding New Light on Disease, June 24, Reims, France
      CAC-2002, Sept. 22-26, Seattle, Washington, USA
      ISOEN 2002, Sept 29-Oct. 2,  Rome, Italy
      FACSS 2002, Oct. 13-17, Providence, RI, USA
      EAS 2002, Nov. 18-21, Somerset, NJ, USA
8) How did I get on this list?

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1) Upcoming Short Courses

Escape the winter doldrums and join Neal Gallagher and Don 
Dahlberg in San Diego, California, for Chemometrics Without 
Equations (or Hardly Any) at the Sixteenth International 
Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry. This hands-on course 
will be taught on January 21-22, just prior to the IFPAC 
conference. The course will concentrate on two areas of 
chemometrics: 1) exploratory data analysis and pattern 
recognition, and 2) regression. Participants will learn to 
safely apply techniques such as Principal Components Analysis 
(PCA), Principal Components Regression (PCR), and Partial 
Least Squares (PLS) Regression. Examples will include 
problems drawn from process monitoring and quality control, 
predicting product properties, and others.

Eigenvector returns to Chelan, WA for Intermediate and 
Advanced Chemometrics with PLS_Toolbox, June 10-13, 2002. 
The course will be held at historic Campbell's Resort on 
Lake Chelan. The four day, hands-on course will start with 
pattern recognition and regression methods (PCA, PCR, PLS). 
Example problems will illustrate use of the methods with 
the new PLS_Toolbox 3.0 (coming soon!). The advanced section 
of the course will explore how multi-way methods can be used 
for investigating and modelling chemical systems, as well as 
for multivariate statistical process control. Aspects of 
multivariate image analysis (MIA) will also be covered. Here 
is your chance to update your chemometrics skills AND visit 
beautiful Lake Chelan. 

Need chemometrics training at your site? Eigenvector has a 
rapidly expanding curriculum available. In addition to the 
courses listed above, we have courses that focus specifically 
on process monitoring, inferential sensors for use in process 
control, and SIMULINK. Write to bmw@eigenvector.com for 
more information.

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2) New Eigenvector Associate Don Dahlberg

Eigenvector is pleased to welcome our newest associate, Don 
Dahlberg, Professor Emeritus at Lebanon Valley College, 
Pennsylvania. Dr. Dahlberg is a charter member and past 
president of the North American/International Chemometrics 
Society. Don traces his chemometric roots to 1988 sabbatical 
with the Center for Process Analytical Chemistry at the 
University of Washington. Don was exposed to Bruce Kowalski's 
chemometrics course and was hooked. Don's primary expertise 
is in chemometric education and applications in food analysis. 
His education expertise will be utilized in his first short 
course with Eigenvector, Chemometrics without Equations (or 
Hardly any). Welcome aboard, Don! 

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3) PLS_Toolbox News

We're hard at work creating the next version of PLS_Toolbox, 
version 3.0. PLS_Toolbox 3.0 will feature improved interfaces 
for the most commonly used chemometric tools, and an expanded 
variety of modelling methods. Expect to hear from us in the 
next couple months. Until then, PLS_Toolbox 2.1.1 for MATLAB 
5.2 through 6.1 is available, and if you buy now, you'll get 
a free upgrade to PLS_Toolbox 3.0 when it ships. 

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4) DataSet Standard Data Object version 3.01

MATLAB supports a variety of data types such as double arrays, 
structures and cell arrays. Until now, however, there has been 
no standard way to associate all the parts of a data set that 
go together, including the sample and variable labels, class 
variables, time and wavelength axes, etc. In order to 
facilitate data set handling, Eigenvector has created the 
DataSet Standard Data Object. When added to a MATLAB installation, 
DataSet creates a new object in MATLAB that integrates all of 
the separate components associated with a data set into a single 
variable in the MATLAB workspace. 

The current version of DataSet is 3.01, released October 18, 2001. 
The DataSet object is available from our web site. We hope that 
MATLAB users everywhere will use it when writing routines that 
are data intensive. Existence of the object will greatly enhance 
the exchange of data sets, the translation of data sets between 
file types (see next article) and the handling of data sets within 
MATLAB. Future versions of PLS_Toolbox will take full advantage of 
the DataSet object. To download DataSet or for more information, 
go to the DataSet page.

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5) SpectraExpress for Translating Spectral Data Files

Probably the most frustrating thing about chemometric analysis is 
the problem of translating data formats into your analysis tool of 
choice. Help is on the way! The folks at Harvie Custom Computers, 
Inc. (HCCI) have developed a product, SpectraExpress, which can be 
used to move data between several common formats, including MATLAB, 
Excel, and GRAMS .SPC files. Future versions of SpectraExpress will 
also support the DataSet Standard Data Object. For more information, 
please contact HCCI.

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6) MATLAB for MacOS X Petition

Would you like to see MATLAB return to the Mac? An on-line petition 
has been started which asks The MathWorks to bring MATLAB to Mac OS X. 
The petition can be found at:


If you are a Mac user, used to be a Mac user and would like to be again, 
or someone who can appreciate the benefits of a Unix based operating 
system which also supports a wide variety of common productivity 
applications, please consider signing the petition.

FYI, up through version 2.0, PLS_Toolbox was developed almost entirely 
on Macs!

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7) Meeting and Workshop Calendar

The following conferences and workshops should be of interest 
to chemometricians, analytical chemists and process 
engineers. If you have a meeting you'd like to list in the 
next EigenNews, please drop a line to bmw@eigenvector.com

The International Forum on Process Analytical Chemistry, IFPAC 2002, 
will be held Jan. 22-25 in San Diego.

The First Winter School on Chemometrics, DRUSHBAMETRICS 1, will be 
held in Kostroma, Russia, Feb. 11-15, 2002. 

PittCon 2002 will be held in New Orleans, LA, March 17-22. 

Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing Symposium, 
MASM 2002, will be April 10-12 in Tempe, AZ, USA.

The third European Advanced Equipment Control/Advanced Process Control 
Conference, AEC/APC, will be April 10-12, in Dresden, Germany.

The 2002 American Control Conference, ACC-2002, will be held May 8-10, 
in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

The 2002 Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and 
Technology will be May 20-22, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

The 3rd International Chemometrics Research Meeting, ICRM, will be 
held May 26-30, 2002 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

ESCAPE-12 will be held May 26-29, 2002 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

DAMLUST, The 6th Nordic Workshop on Chemometrics, will be held near 
Helsinki, June 9-12,2002. For more information, please contact 
Pintti Minkkinen at Pentti.Minkkinen@lut.fi.

The International Symposium on Advanced Control of Industrial Processes 
will be held June 10-11, 2002, in Kumamoto, Japan. 

The Second Shedding New Light on Disease conference will be held the 
last week of June, 2002, in Reims, France. Contact Michel Manfait at 
michel.manfait@univ-reims.fr for complete information.

The 8th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry conference, CAC-2002, 
will be held in Seattle, Sept. 22-26. 

The 9th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose, 
ISOEN 2002, will be held in Rome, Italy, Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2002. 

The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies, 
FACSS 2002, 29th Annual Meeting will be held in Providence, RI, Oct. 13-17.

The Eastern Analytical Symposium will return to its Somerset, New Jersey 
location for the November 18-21, 2002 meeting.

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7) How did I get on this list?

If you are on this list, it means that you have corresponded 
with us, gone to one of the same meetings, or have published 
information about yourself (such as a web page) suggesting 
that you have an interest in chemometrics, analytical chemistry, 
spectroscopy, or chemical process modeling and monitoring. 
In other words, we had some reason to believe that you might 
actually be interested in receiving this newsletter. 

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If you have any problem getting on or off the list, please write 
to me directly at bmw@eigenvector.com 

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